about us

about us

“Innovating safety”

MILLTEC INDIA is a company that was started in 1974. It is one of the leading manufacturer of Wires and Cables in India. Since inception, Milltec has invested heavily in the Wires & Cables manufacturing infrastructure, which has today become one of the largest in India. All Wires & Cables are manufactured on most modern laser controlled automatic machines, using best raw material from primary manufacturers ensuring perfect quality.

We innovates constantly to meet customers needs. Innovation is a key factor of Milltec’s successes in each market. Milltec approach for a sustainable world and Milltec’s sustainable innovations. Our electrical wires and cables have been widely accepted and used throughout the India.

We demonstrate team work and collaboration, and encourage the sharing of diverse opinions, ideas and views. We take personal responsibility to act with integrity, inspired trust with our colleagues, and exhibit courage to speak up and do the right thing.

We view all we do through the eyes of our customers, continuously striving to understand their business, and anticipate and address their evolving needs. We focus on being value-added, innovative, timely, and responsive with our customers, and we sell, produce and deliver with quality.